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Đề thi thử vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh – Đề số 3

Đề thi thử vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh – Đề số 3
(Có đáp án)

Để kiểm tra năng lực và kiểm tra kiến thức các em học sinh.
Sau đây là đề thi thử vào lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh. Đề thi được biến soạn theo cấu trúc của đề thi vào lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh.

(1-3). Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others.

1. a. laugh        b. caught         c. naughty          d. taught

2. a. design      b. solar             c. website         d.  sample

3. a. received   b. watched       c. discovered     d. destroyed

(4-5). Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the others.
a. permanent
b. power
c. permission
d. carpet

a. photography
b. minority
c. heroic
d. amateur

(6-20). Choose the word or phrase (a, b, c or d) that best fits the blank space in each sentence.

6. The town of Gouda is famous_____its cheese.
a. on
b. to
c. from
d. for

7. He was happy to be_______ friends again.
a. among
b. in
c. near
d. off

8. Were you brought ______ in the city or in the country?
a. off
b. forward
c. up
d. over

9. The teacher made Jane ______ up and answer his question.
a. stand
b. standing
c. to stand
d. stands

10. You’d better leave for the airport now_______ there’s a lot of traffic on the way.
a. in case
b. in order
c. in fact
d. in fact

11. There was so many things that we never get .
a. interesting – boring
b. interested – bored
c. interested – boring
d. interesting – bored

12. I turn on the radio_____listen to the news.
a. so that
b. in order
c. so as
d. in order to

13. I can speak______ words of French, but I can’t write it.
a. little
b. a little
c. few
d. a few

14. If I had time, I______ to the countryside with you this weekend.
a. will go
b. would go
c. went
d. would have gone

15. My uncle_____ you met yesterday is an engineer.
a. which
b. what
c. whom
d. whose

16. Don’t waste your breath________ with him.
a. arguing
b. argue
c. for arguing
d. to argue

17. When we came to visit her last night, she___________
a. is watching
b. was watching
c. has watched
d. watched

18. You were not listening in class, ?
a. were you
b. weren’t you
c. was it
d. wasn’t it

19. I’ll go to the town tomorrow, and_________ .
a. so will my sister
b. my sister will either
c. neither will my sister
d. will my sister too

20. I’ll pass me the newspaper? ~ Sure. Here you are.
a. Would you mind
b. Could you please
c. May you
d. Why don’t you

(21-25). Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs correcting.

21. I’ve been (A) looking forwardto see (B) you again since (C) we last met (D)

22. Her novel, that (A) was published (B) last month, is (C) one of the best-sellers. (D)

23. We spent (A) an interested(B) holiday in (C) Ha Long Bay last summer (D).

24. Many(A) people have complain (B) about (C) the dirt from (D) the factory.

25. She refused (A) to tell(B) us (C) where was she (D) going.

(26-30). Use the correct form of the word given in each sentence.

26. The talk was both_________ and entertaining. (inform)

27. Our school is sending three _________ to the meeting. (represent)

28. This singer is not very pretty but she sings very_______. (beautiful)

29. Mel Gibson is a__________ actor. (talent)

30. There are significant ________ between America English and British English. (differ)

(31-38). Choose the word or phrase (a, b, c or d) that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

Online gaming site Roiworld (31)________ 600 teens ages 13 to 17 in late April and found that teens spend two hours per day online on average, 80% of which is spent using a (32)________ network. These same teens are, however, showing signs of “Facebook Fatigue.” Nearly one in five (19%) who have an account (33)_____ visit Facebook or are using it less. Of the group that are saying goodbye to Facebook, 45% have (34)______________ interest, 16% are leaving because their parents are there, 14% say there are “too many adults/older people” and 13% are concerned about the (35)____________ of their personal information. While interest in Facebook may be waning, it’s still the most popular social network (36)_____ teens – 78% have created a profile and 69% still use it. YouTube (37)____ second; 64% of teens claim to have a YouTube profile and continue to use the site. MySpace comes in a distant third (41%) and Twitter takes the fourth (38)____ (20%).

a. worked
b. suggested
c. surveyed
d. admited

a. common
b. supportive
c. national
d. social

a. no longer
b. any more
c. once more
d. any time

a. developed
b. lost
c. taken
d. pursued

a. firmness
b. public
c. source
d. privacy

a. within
b. between
c. among
d. around

a. ranks
b. achieves
c. takes
d. offers

a. way
b. spot
c. line
d. rate

(39-43). Read the passage below and then decided whether the statements that follow are True or False.


You may use the telephone every day but how much do you know about it? The telephone was invented by Alexander Bell in 1876. Bell was born in Scotland in 1847. Later he went to live in the USA. Bell was always interested in sound. He wanted to be able to send sound through a wire. He had a workshop in his house in America and did many experiences there.

One day, he was doing an experiment in his workshop. He was careless and spilt some burning liquid onto his clothes. Talking into his telephone, Bell said, ‘Mr. Watson, I want you to come over here immediately, please.’ His assistant, Watson, was in another room far away from the workshop. However he heard Bell clearly on his own telephone. Quickly, he ran to Bell’s workshop. ‘Mr. Bell, I heard every word you said!’ Watson shouted excitedly.

Bell had finally succeeded. He had invented the first telephone. Later other inventors made better ones.

39. Alexander Bell invented the telephone when he was twenty six. (T/F)

40. Bell emigrated from Scotland to the USA. (T/F)

41. Bell did the one experiment and he succeeded. (T/F)

42. Bell invented the telephone by chance. (T/F)

43. Later the telephone was improved. (T/F)

(44-46). Choose the sentence (a, b, c or d) that is almost the same in meaning as the sentence given.

44. He won’t find a seat unless he’s got a ticket.
a. He has got a ticket, and so will find a seat.
b. He can’t find a seat although he has a ticket.
c. He will be able to get a ticket if he finds a seat.
d. He will only get a seat if he has a ticket.

45. ‘You oughtn’t to drive fast.’ Jack’s mother told him.
a. Jack’s mother begged him not to drive fast.
b. Jack’s mother made him not to drive fast.
c. Jack’s mother advised him not to drive fast.
d. Jack’s mother suggested not driving fast.

46. It’s been fourteen years since I last saw my uncle.
a. I didn’t see my uncle fourteen years ago.
b. I see my uncle once every fourteen years.
c. I haven’t seen my uncle for fourteen years.
d. I saw my uncle when I was fourteen years old.

(47-50). Write complete sentences using the suggested words.

47. the air/ now/ polluted/ heavily/ traffic fumes//


48. these math problems/ difficult/ us/ find/ answer//


49. this/ house/ I/ born.


50. I/ interested/ learn/ English/ and want/ improve/ speaking skill


Đáp án

1. a
2. a
3. b
4. c
5. d

6. d  7. a  8. c  9. a  10. a

11. d  12. d  13. d   14. b

15. c  16. a  17. b

18. a   19. a   20. b

21. B (to seeing)
22. A (which)
23. B (interesting)
24. B (complained)
25. D (she was)
26. informative
27. representatives
28. beautifully
29. talented
30. difference

31. c  32. d   33. a   34. b

35. d   36. c   37. a   38. b

39. F
40. T
41. F
42. T
43. T

44. d
45. c
46. c

47. The air is now heavily polluted with traffic fumes.

48. These math problems were difficult for us to find the answer.

49. This is the house where I was born.

50. I am interested in learning English and want to improve my speaking skill.

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